Xstitch Krazee: February 2008

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Snow + Manchester

Hello out there…..

My first entry in February 2008……(or will this be the only post in February 2008….hahahahaha)

Nothing much to update nowadays…as usual pergi kelas balik kelas, and always lucky because tak frozen and tak pernah tersungkur ke bumi sbb kena tiup dek angin yang amat lah kuatnya….kalau tidak….me dah gone with the wind daaaa…..kekekek.
Kalau angin bertiup, punya lah sejuk esp. part muka, so tu yang rasa time tu nak pakai purdah je….tinggal mata je 2 bijik…heheheh

The most interesting thing I wanna share here is, last Saturday 2nd Feb, we went out to Manchester around 7am, and few minutes later, akhirnya snow turun jugak, eventhough tak tebal, so that was the second time we have snow …okle kan….at least sempat jugak le we all merasa snow, especially my DD, she was very excited to play around, tapi not for long sbb hujung kaki dah rasa sakit2 because it’s too cold for us…

Then, around 9.15am, we reached Manchester, and guess what, I finally succeed to go to Stitch and Creative Craft Shows, an event held at Manchester Central from 1 to 3rd Feb. 2008. Rasa macam tak caye je, akhirnya berjaya jugak sampai ke expo yang happening macam ni. The rest of the shows are in London, Surrey, Birmingham, etc, so I’ve chosen to go to the one yg. kat Manchester because tak jauh sangat from my place, about 1.5hour.

The ticket was 7pounds per adult but since dah beli awal through online and using the promotion code yg. biasanya diorng inform dekat magazine like Crossstitcher, etc, so dapat le 5pounds, then at the same time, we got Free Book Voucher. Just imagine, craft books eg. by David Charles, yang price mahal kat Malaysia but around 17pounds kat UK, diorng boleh bagi FREE aje, but only limited, abt. 4 titles je available but, doesn’t matter la kan, coz bukan senang nak dapat buku hard cover free macam tu…..

Bila masuk je kat dalam tu, rasa cam nak meroyan tengok all those booths, for cross stitch, the booths are tak sebanyak other type of crafts eg. scrap book, decoupage, card craft, knitting, quilting etc etc….DH and DD pulak tak larat nak escort lama-lama so asked them to lepak2 and makan bekal bawak nasi goreng…heheh……

Just bought few things, coz terpaksa gak control myself…kalau tidak, rasa nak cekup je bebyk….heheh….pastu antara yang syoknya tengok is charms ie metal charms…..kat KL pun rasanya ada jual kat Yee je tp tu pun tak byk kan….

Wish to snap more pics during the event tapi not allowed sbb dirong cakap copyrights la etc etc, yang sempat snap
tu curi2 je…heheh…