Xstitch Krazee: Newcastle

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Hi all….

Nampaknye my blog ni just diupdate once a month..hihihi….takpela kan….as long as it is still ‘active’…eheehehe

Life is getting harder as exams will soon come in January….rasa sekejap je start belajar then now dah nak abih first semester…..errmm..time is moving so fast...

People here start busy preparing for Christmas celebration….shopping centres, TV adverts, full with Christmas sales, bla bla bla..

By the way, last Saturday, went on a university-organized-one-day trip to Newcastle…..so have a chance to view the 7 bridges of Newcastle Upon Thyne esp. one the most attraction bridge in Newcastle ie Millenium Bridge…but did not manage to go to many places since time was limited……kalau pergi sendiri, mesti ada extra time nak berjalan-jalan…but anyway, it was fun!!


Yasmin said...

Hi Aroza,
Bila you pergi england study> I baru je baca your blog. Sebelum ni your blog diam je,, hehehe

Charlene said...

Hi Aroza,

Thanks for visiting my blog. Here is the link for Rose Sampler by EMS Board.


Come and have fun with this SAL.