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Thursday, October 22, 2009


dear friend...

still no new xs project but wish to start another soon.....opss i have not visit H& W to collect my framed PV project....eiii so tak sabar nak tengok what it is going to look like.....hope it is nice and worth the price and of course worth the time, energy taken to finish that work.....

nowadays been reading Chick Lit books one after another, Cecilia Ahern, Sophie Kinsella, Fiona Walker, Marian Keyes, Shella O' Flanagan, mmmm.....who else?....keep getting new ones eventhough tak habis lagi baca yang dah beli sebelum tu...ish ish ishh...;)

ok...that's all for now....



Reen said...

Wah! senang nye dlm ati. cepat2 la ambik the frame xs. tak sabar nak tgok.

Anonymous said...

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